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National Golf Day

Come celebrate the 8th annual National Golf Day with us on Wednesday, April 15th. 

National Golf Day is when out nation's leading golf organizations gather together on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to discuss current golf issues and plan for the future. Steve Mona, Chief Executive Officer of World Golf Foundation states, “The primary goal as an industry is to make sure our voice is heard in Washington, D.C. to ensure laws and regulations that impact the golf industry are fair and appropriate.”

The 2014 National Golf Day was the most successful to date. The also hosted live golf lessons for members of congress as well as "Closest to the Pin" contests, state-of-the-art swing analysis from GolfTEC, Republican vs Democrat "Putting Challenge" and many more contests. But the day wasn't just fun and games.  They hosted over 120 scheduled Congressional meetings in just one day! Our golf leaders and other featured special guests discussed golf's tax benefits to local communities and asked for equal treatment as a legitimate industry. 

Here are some cool stats from National Golf Day 2014:
- National Charitable Impact: Golf's impact is greater than NLB, NFL, NBA and NHL combined
- Golf's Fitness Benefits:
         - Walking 18 Holes=3 1/2 Mile Run or 5 Mile Walk
         - Burn up to 2,000 Calories
         - 10,000+ Steps in a typical golf round
- National Economic Impact:
        - 1.98 million jobs
        - $68.8 billion
        - 15,619 golf facilities
- Environmental Value of Golf
       - 77% of 18 hole courses have taken steps to conserve energy
       - Golf courses account for 20,000,000+ acres of green space
       - an average 18 hole course compromises 121 acres

So come celebrate National Golf Day 2015 with us! Click here to view the specials we are offering. #NGD15